Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Triune of Life

Triune of Life.
 What makes us a living body?
 What makes life? 
What is life? 
How is this Life interfered with?
 What happens if there is interference? 
What happens to the body? 
What happens to life? 
What happens to us? 
What happens to you? 
Dr Joe Borio 
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Monday, January 29, 2018

Life Without Fear

The decision of Success starts with how you start your morning.
Start your day and each day of your Life with action.
Dr Joe Borio
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The first idea is life is separate from matter. 
Second life activities are organized by brain and spinal cord. 
So quality of life is greatly influenced by the quality of the spine. T
he healthier the spine the healthier the child, adult, grandparent. 
Push the idea getting adjusted with chiropractic care is good for you! 
Why? Because it is! 
And NO one other than you will offer them this care which has a profound 
effect on their health TODAY and for the decades that follow.
 Dr Joe Borio Coach to Chiropractic Champions 
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Monday, January 22, 2018

Can Injury To Your Neck Lead To Hearing Loss?

 Harvey Lillard here we go!
 Recently saw a podcast mocking chiropractic care and how it began with Lillard.
 It only takes a few moments to search the connection between spinal function and hearing. 
Know this, chiropractic care is a necessary healthcare application to sustain the health and integrity of the spine and nervous system. 
Everyone would benefit from being cared for by a Chiropractor. 
We deal with the BS because they don’t know better and for this of us who know more, it is always the right thing to do. 
So let’s get ready to make a dent in 2018! 
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Practice Chiropractic with Principle and we Change the World!

To all Chiropractors, You want chiropractic to be and stay chiropractic? Be the change you wish to see! Decide today to be the best, most disciplined principled, and well trained chiropractor the patient could ever hope for being adjusted by and the world will change for the better. You will inspire others to do the same and as we grow so to will the world's consciousness grow. We have to decide to stop tearing each other down! Those that don't practice principled are not our enemies, they are lost or scared, or have never been shown the beauty of innate. They have yet to open themselves up to the eternal and infinite and they like so much of the world are lost in the outside in paradigm. We all have the power to change the world but rather than trying to change others and destroy any sense of communication and respect among those we disagree with, let's instead focus on ourselves in becoming what we say we want to see. Let's reflect on Dr Reggie and his life and become inspired to be and do better and just as Reggie has changed the world and the infinite, our collective power in unity will have that much more of an impact towards a healthier planet for us all! Stop the name calling and categorizing of our fellow brothers and sisters and instead reach out a hand of hope and trust and friendship. Send them an article or a thousand articles on the power of the adjustment. Show them it's OK to be a principled chiropractor and the world will let a little more light in and on this individual selfless action of us all we change the world and the infinite and the universe will smile upon us!  
May your innate always flow from above down with 100 percent of the intelligence of the universe.                                        
     - Dr Joe Borio

Chiropractic Science Video

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Learn more about the Science behind adjustments and gaining certainty in your practice.

What's Your Call?

A pivotal baseball game was being played and it came down to the bottom of the ninth inning. The pitcher was trying to close out the game clinging to a one run lead. The bases were loaded with 2 outs. The count was three balls and two strikes. The next pitch could decide the game. He checked the signs, wound up and let the pitch fly. The batter watched the ball hit the catcher’s glove, as he was sure it was a ball and the tying run was to be walked in. The catcher jumped up as if the game was over as he was sure it was a strike. The pitcher looked at the umpire and held up his arms to ask what is it? The batter turned to the umpire and said, what’s the call? Each dugout began to empty out on to the field surrounding the umpire. The managers were pleading with the umpire what they thought the call should be. “It’s a ball! It’s a strike!” Finally the umpire raised his arms and he spoke. He said; “It ain’t nothin’ till I call it!”

I listened to this story told many years ago in crowded ballroom in Atlanta, GA by Dr. Sid Williams. He was making the point that our reality is what we make it. He was telling all of us that we have a choice in every situation. How we choose to react, what we choose to think, what emotion we want to have associated with the situation. Ultimately, it comes down to us making a conscious decision instead of an unconscious default setting that was preprogrammed by our past experiences. Your situation whatever it maybe is whatever you make of it.

In chiropractic today we are seeing a big split not only of the philosophy of docs, but we are seeing a split in levels of success. There are more and more successful and highly profitable practices than ever, and there are more and more practices struggling to stay afloat. The middle-class chiropractor is becoming the minority. Adversity and problems will come no matter what level of success you have obtained in practice and in life. The question is what are you going to do about it?

There are a couple of sure-fire ways to not overcome adversity. Number one is to not take responsibility. Blame it on someone else or something else: your staff, the economy, the weather, insurance companies, your school, or your government. This is an effective way to protect your ego while you continue down the path of sucking in practice. Another one that is rampant in our profession is to do nothing. Just pretend that everything is all right, bury your head in the sand and hope it all goes away when you wake up from your fantasy nap. The other very common ineffective solution that is being practiced daily is the “Jack of all trades, master of none” tactic. Imagine going to your dentist and while you are in the chair for your cleaning she starts telling you that they are offering mammograms, pap smears and colonoscopies now. Some morons would probably think that was great, but most people want their dentist to focus on their teeth instead of their other parts.

Successful chiropractors see their challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. They face them head on, take responsibility and find a way to grow beyond them. They work harder, work smarter, and grow to become a better leader, teacher, healer and philosopher. They run toward problems instead of running away. They attack fear because they realize it is imaginary and not real. They can embrace the haters as a sign of growth because they don’t compromise their ethics always remaining in integrity. They realize success is mindset, a choice to be success, to do success, and to have success. At Chiropassion consulting we teach the time-tested strategies of success because they work. Join us is Chicago May 8th and 9th for our only seminar this year where our primary focus will be dedicated to financial success through building the lifetime family wellness practice of your dreams.
The only question that remains is what’s your call going to be?

For The Love Of...

Stepping into the room with a practice member after you have just given an incredibly moving introduction into the severity of the subluxation, there is often times a slight hesitation by the Doc when it comes to discussing the financial responsibility of that practice member.
They came to you wanting help. They wanted something different; not more drugs, not just another exercise that doesn’t get to the cause of the problem. They want your expertise in helping them to be able to get back into life again.

The practice member is wanting your expertise and they already know that to be in fair exchange with you, there will have to be some kind of payment, correct?  There HAS to be some kind of payment.
Of all the areas that are never covered in your detailed education at Chiropractic college was ‘How do you speak with your practice members about paying?” Uh-oh. Not THAT area! A half hearted suggestion is made by the teacher, but your question essentially goes unanswered.

There are three ways to set up fee schedules; 1. What is usual and customary for your area,  2. What you have calculated your time and expertise is worth, 3. What you feel comfortable in saying.  Which of these three is the most common? By FAR it is number 3, which has little to do with what is usual and customary for your area OR what you have calculated your time and expertise is worth. It is sadly usually far below what is usual and customary and NOWHERE near what your time and expertise is worth.

To be in fair exchange with your practice member YOU have to be giving EXCELLENT service and nothing below it. If you are not giving EXCELLENT service then it is YOU who is not in fair exchange with your practice member.  To give EXCELLENT service you have to WANT to give it as you see that as FAIR to your practice member as they are giving you pay. So why would  you deliberately undercut an outlined plan, a plan just like an orthodontist lays out when talking about braces, that starts you off in a state of being NOT FAIR? I tried it. For years.  And it was bad.
Your gym fee. Your orthodontist. Your car payment. Your house payment. Your cable bill. Your phone bill. All of these give you an outline of what your fees are going to be to get the service you want. Giving your practice member a guideline as to what your fees are, and what their participation is going to be is fair to them. They want to know that.

This is an absolutely critical area of practice that we were never taught in school. If you practiced THIS area as much as you practiced side posture, you would already be a master of it. But in reality, since we didn’t get the foundation for it in Chiropractic school we are left to drift in practice and have ‘kind of learn as we go along’.

In ChiroPassion  it is an essential tool for you to have the ability to easily and effectively communicate, and talk with your practice members about the care they need, their anticipated adjustment schedules, their participation in THEIR health, AND their financial responsibility.  To make these areas no longer areas of hesitation, but areas of determination, it is critical to practice this step.

Imagine the strength of your commitment to helping each practice member to greater health when you walk into that room expecting an agreement to the best Chiropractic care. Just as you expect correction of the subluxation with each adjustment because you have practiced this step, you can expect the fair exchange at the financial talk because you have practiced this also.
No magical poster will allow you to step over this. No incredible CA will allow you the Doctor to get away not doing this. No colorful handout given to read instead of talking with your practice member will get you out of it. It is YOUR responsibility to master this. So master it.

You master this not for the love of money, but for the love of giving the best of YOU to each one of your practice members.

The Virus of Validation

“Can you give me some more science to prove what we do?” is heard many times from Chiropractors all over the world.

The easy answer is YES, we can give you the science to prove that Chiropractic actually DOES improve the motion of the spine, and improves the nervous system. In ChiroPassion Consulting we call this ‘Criteria Testing’. This testing is done on the initial exam and then followed up on the re-exams through the care of your practice member. Can YOU, the Doctor of Chiropractic actually do what you say, that is, can you SHOW that person gets objectively better despite subjective improvement or non-improvement?

Pre and post x-ray. Posture scans. I use the Insight Subluxation Station. Which testing do YOU use that can show YOU AND YOUR PRACTICE MEMBER that they are better?

This criteria testing can help give YOU the Doctor more confidence, clarity, and certainty in your practice. All of these are essential for your practice success. Yet there still seems to be a virus of validation that we as a profession NEED more and more PROOF so that we can justify what we do in our own minds. Our practice members are not banging on our doors yelling “You have no proof, so I am out of here!” They WANT something different than just pain relief. They WANT an opportunity to be healthier for life by unlocking their own innate health.

When was the last time you asked your dentist, “Hey Doc, are you REALLY SURE that eating all that sugary stuff is bad for my teeth?”, or “You mean I HAVE to brush my teeth 2-3 times a day, EVERYDAY? Doesn’t that seem just a little excessive?” Does that talk ever come up? NEVER! There is no need to validate that brushing and flossing your teeth regularly helps you to MAINTAIN health of your teeth. Here is another question for the technique jumpers in our profession, when was the last time there was a major technique advancement in BRUSHING YOUR TEETH? THERE HASN’T BEEN!!!! Yes, we now use an electric tooth brush, but you still have to put the brush to your teeth 2-3 times a day. THAT part hasn’t changed. Flossing on a regular basis is great for your teeth AND helps decrease cardiac disease. Flossing!! So start calling your adjustments “SPINAL FLOSSING”. COMMUNICATE how regular adjustments to the spine are just like flossing your teeth.
Suh, Bogduk, Windsor, Palmer, Guyton.

Have you read ANY of the information that these incredible people have written on either Chiropractic, the nervous system, nerve flow, or adjusting that could help you to have more CLARITY, CERTAINTY, or CONFIDENCE in what you do?  
I highly recommend that you do.

Yes, YOU SHOULD read every day on adjusting, nerve flow, the nervous system, and Chiropractic to give you even more ammo in your CHIROPRACTIC  BAZOOKA so that you have more CLARITY, CERTAINTY, and CONFIDENCE which then gives you the opportunity to COMMUNICATE that to your practice members. 
Once you know you need to brush your teeth daily you just do it. There is no need to constantly have a need to prove it.
Once you know you need to be adjusted regularly you just do it. There is no need to constantly have a need to prove it.

Now tell your practice members and your community. They are dying for you to do so.

C is for Chiropractic

C is for Chiropractic

Do you remember being back in Chiropractic college and a common theme for your grades was that “C is for Chiropractic”? The meaning being that to just get the grade, get through, and graduate. Just as you, I have seen docs who barely passed academically have practices that are very strong TIC wise, financially, and philosophically. Many of you have seen as I have that your grade in school does not always transfer to success in practice. There is one grade though that I adamantly believe is critical for you to attain.
That is the C.
There are actually four Cs that are critical for you to master for you to reach the level of success and mastery that you desire.
In ChiroPassion we discuss, hammer, and train on these four Cs on a weekly, if not daily basis.

The first C: Clarity. From Webster’s Dictionary: the quality of being easily understood. Can you take the massive complexity of the nervous system, the incredible devastation of the vertebral subluxation complex, and the miraculous benefit of your adjustments and EASILY convey that to others so they EASILY can understand them? How often do you practice talking about these with others? How often do you train on talking about all of these with your staff? It doesn’t matter if you are the smartest kid in the class if no one can EASILY understand what you mean.

The second C: Certainty. From Webster’s Dictionary: something that is certain : a fact about which there is no doubt. This one hits you deep in your gut. Are you absolutely SURE, BEYOND A DOUBT that the subluxation is as devastating as advertised; that the adjustment is the incredible benefit to your health; and that you can deliver it? This is where many docs fall short. We can talk it, but we are not sure in our heads just if this is CERTAIN. So what should you be doing on a regular basis? In ChiroPassion we highly suggest that you and your staff read research EVERY MORNING at your team huddles and get CERTAIN as to the incredible benefits of Chiropractic. Each team member has a day of the week for which they are responsible to have the research. If it is just you, then YOU get the research ready EVERY DAY. This is the easiest and fastest way to become CERTAIN.

The third C: Confidence. From Webster’s Dictionary: a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something. Is this inside of you? Do you have the belief that ‘YES, I CAN!’?  Are you able to ask your practice members how you can help them? How you can help their family members? THIS action comes from THE BELIEF THAT YOU CAN DO IT!! Do you practice THIS with your staff, or in the mirror? (By the way, ALL of these can be learned. Ask Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, or Sir Richard Branson) This mindset can be strengthened by your daily HOUR OF POWER, or by daily, every morning, reviewing your GOALS, SEEING THEM BEING ATTAINED, and taking ACTION. In ChiroPassion we believe this is absolutely necessary that you train on this daily.

The fourth C: Communication. From Webster’s Dictionary: the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else. Are you able to express TIC? Are you able to express how much your community can greatly increase their health and longevity by being adjusted on a regular basis? Many people are deathly afraid of speaking in public, yet this one step has been shown for millennia to be the least expensive, and yet MOST PROFOUNDLY EFFECTIVE WAY to grow your practice by leaps and bounds. In ChiroPassion we train on this weekly with our staff. It is not a matter of speaking in front of hundreds of people, but it IS a matter of speaking with your practice members and community. Start with ONE person. As with the other Cs, this can easily be learned and MADE INTO A GREAT ADVANTAGE.
Which of these are you strongest at? Which of these are you weakest at? If you are weak at one, then your goal of practice growth and mastery will be slowed, or sometimes, not attained.
How can you make all of these a strength? PRACTICE. Daily practice. A commitment by yourself and your team to become an incredible Chiropractic health machine.
Need more help on these? Ask us. This is why we are here for you – to help you become the incredible Doctor of Chiropractic that you want. That your practice needs. That your community needs.

Yes, C IS FOR CHIROPRACTIC. And we would have it no other way.

Setting The World on Fire Using Your Own Matches

Tell me what you are passionate about, and I will show you how to set the world on fire.

These words sound like something you would read in a Tony Robbins or Robin Sharma book. But they are just something in my head. And it is true. 

What ARE you passionate about in your practice? Adjusting kids? Athletes? Families? 

One of the most incredible ways to stoke that passion is to read daily on just what you are passionate about. When you do that you become a leader in your profession on that subject. Brain Tracey states that if you were to read 30 minutes a day on your given subject, within a few years YOU will be the go to person on that subject. 

So...what ARE you passionate about?

The next, and a critically important step, is to be able to effectively communicate your passion. If you had the secret to ever lasting health why would you NOT want to shout it out? Fear? OK, I get that. So how do you overcome that fear? 

Fear is another word for lack of certainty. How do you get certainty? First, read daily, and secondly, practice talking about your subject or answering questions. 
Here is your homework: write down the questions you may have, or have had on your chosen subject on a 5x7 card. Then take 10 minutes a day and pull a card out and answer the question. Record yourself the first few times to hear what you sound like. You may be surprised or appalled. Either way, practice making these key points flow out of you in an effective and concise manner. It takes practice. But if you are investing the 30 minutes a day to be the leader in your field, why not take another 10 to be able to best communicate WHY you are the leader. 

We all have the same amount of time each day. Leaders practice being leaders. 

So tell me...what ARE you passionate about?

This Is What the Pros Do

This is what the Pros do.

If you've ever watched the British Open a few things may have jumped out to you.
1      It is a bear to golf in 45 mph cross winds and the locals think it is just another day.
2      The amount of PRE game preparation, AND POST game review by the pros is staggering.

This week Dr. Joe showed that the leaders of this most ancient of golf tournaments will easily be AT the golf course warming up, stretching, anticipating their strategy with THEIR TEAM an hour and a half before they tee off.  The previous evening they went over their shots, their swings, and how they played with their team and reviewed how that golfer played. After the 18 holes of the day it is typical to find the leaders BACK on the practice range reviewing their day, replaying each shot they just took in their heads, through their nervous system, into the muscle memory that is essential to golf, so that TOMORROW they are even better.

THAT is what the Pros do.

Do you plan out your day, getting to your office early to prep your head, your body, your muscle memory, so that YOU are ready for your day?

That is what the Pros do.

Do you have a morning huddle and discuss, plan, and review your upcoming day and the tasks and goals of each team member?

THAT is what the Pros do.

Do you have a “bad shot” with one of your practice members and call it a day, or do you and your staff focus on the next practice member and let that last shot go? At the end of the day taking a few minutes to review your day let’s you plan on an even better tomorrow.

THAT is what the Pros do.

In ChiroPassion we firmly believe that if you want to BE the BEST, then you must do those things that the BEST DO. THAT is what the Pros do.

Getting to your office early, planning out your day, seeing in your head how easily and magnificently you adjust and talk to your practice members makes you one of the few, the proud, and the Passionate.
Make this simple act an essential part of your day and watch your practice naturally grow.

It's What Makes Them Marines

On a recent interview a Marine was asked what he did now in the Marines that he did not do previously. As a Marine will do, he answered the question straight forward and to the point. “We get up at 4am every morning and start our day” he said with power in his voice. He went on to state that there were certain things they did EVERY day, no matter what the weather, how they felt, or any other circumstances. These certain rituals distinguished him the Marine from him the civilian. There was no comparison on who he was or what he could accomplish.

This is what made them Marines.

On our recent ChiroPassion Mastermind in Italy a similar answer to a similar question was given. As we sat at Dr. Joe Borio’s villa he asked superstar ChiroPassion client Dr. Chad Wells why did he think his practice (and therefore LIFE) has grown. Dr. Wells went on to say that there were certain things he did every day to set his mind right, get his body ready, get his vision of what can be done ready, and keep it that way.

Sound familiar?
If you want to grow your practice and therefore grow your life then it is essential that you start with certain rituals EVERY MORNING that allows you to have mind set of success, a vision to see it through, and the tools to accomplish this.
But it has to start with YOU every morning going through what we in ChiroPassion call the “Pre-Flight Check List”. Just as a pilot has a check-list of procedures that MUST be done before the idea of even taking off in the plane, you as a pilot of a health revolution must also have “pre-flight” check list so that YOUR practice has success.

This is what Tony Robbins talks about. This is what Robin Sharma, Wayne Dyer, and countless other leaders discuss as they know that for YOU to be successful you HAVE TO START YOUR DAY off with the correct head space for success.
When DO you get up in the morning? Just in time to take a shower, jam down some food and get to your office just before your first practice member shows up? Do you think a Marine would do that?

How much do you read on Chiropractic daily?
Do you exercise in the morning to get your mind and body energized? That is when the Marines start exercising.

If you do not have a Pre-Flight Check List the good news is that you can get one, make one, copy one on your own starting NOW.

As a ChiroPassion coach I am asked on a regular basis how to grow a practice. The first thing I ask that person is “How do you start your day?” It tells me EVERYTHING about you and your commitment to success.

Start your day off with a BANG. Start your day off with an incredible opportunity for success. Start your day off with Passion.

Stop Wasting Time

Time is arguable the most precious commodity you will ever manage in your life. Using it unwisely is like a leak in your canteen as you walk across a desert. Today you have more distractions and ploys out there that are vying for your time. Efficient and judicious use of your time is solely up to you and how you choose to spend it. If time were a bank account, imagine having your day begin with 1 million dollars in the account, at the end of the day those dollars will be gone weather you spend them or not.  What will you have to show for your use of those million dollars?

In a chiropractic practice, most docs frivolously utilize time. I will review the significant 7 ways most offices are wasting time.

1.                    Multi-tasking- I lead off with this one only because it is the doctor and the staff that are trying to do many things all at the same time. This has been proven over and over again to be the most ineffective and costly way to run any business. Multitasking is a myth that assumes that if you are busy you are getting a lot accomplished. The opposite is actually true. The more you are multi-tasking the more likely you are to make mistakes, have incomplete work and also end up not being present with your customers/practice members.
2.                    Curing Closets- I know you may have some great reasons in your limited thinking why you are still adjusting patients in a closed room with the door shut, but it is again a time vampire sucking the life right out of your practice. The open concept for adjusting can offer every benefit that a closed room offers, baring gowning your patients. If you are having patients put a gown on for every adjustment then you should consider moving your practice out of a chiropractic college. There are so many upsides to open concept adjusting from not only efficiency of time, but also quality of service, fun, patient education, and it eliminates the possibility of sexual harassment claims.
3.                    Using therapies, treatments, and multiple techniques- Trying to be everything for everyone is huge debate and a touchy subject in our profession. If you feel you have to offer multiple services have other staff or professionals do them for you. You are a chiropractor and your job is to identify and adjust subluxations. No one else is licensed to do so. Your dentist does not do the cleanings or the complicated surgeries. They concentrated on their specialty. They also are not massaging your stiff neck or looking at your sprained ankle. Yet we feel like we should be looking into every ailment and trying to treat it with some type of natural cure or even heaven forbid some jokers want to write prescriptions. The most efficient and effective, highest volume, most fun, and most profitable practices (net, not gross) use one technique.
4.                    Not talking TIC- Talking about insignificant topics like the weather, last night’s game, vacations, news, gossip, politics, cross-fit, golf, or whatever else comes up, not only wastes your time, it erodes the significance of the care you provide. Thus it leads to drop outs and the need to process more new ones to keep the ship afloat.
5.                    Individual reports- This area is another touchy and even scary subject for many, couched in many limiting beliefs, it is the notion that the doctor must do one on one reports. Again the highest volume practices do group reports. Why? Because they are the most effective, efficient and best way to educate a new practice member. Many docs try them and struggle because they don’t know how to do them properly. Can you be successful without them? Absolutely, but ask yourself how many people can you adjust in the time that it takes to do one individual report? One of the other major benefits that we see with our clients doing them regularly is they end up seeing more children and families due to the quality of education. If you do 8-10 individual reports in a week, will you always be on your game for each of those reports? You may think you are, but as a practice gets busier the doctor gets rushed, and the results show a practice that is stuck no matter how many new ones you process.
6.                    Hours of operation- Being open more hours and more days does not mean you are doing a greater service or you value your service more than others. If that were the case then we should have every office open 24/7. The majority of the docs we survey are working loads of hours, open 5-6 days a week, seeing the national average of 80-90 adjustments per week. What if you could adjust those same people in a morning shift, have a great lunch with your spouse, take a nap, do some reading, exercise, meditate and come back for the afternoon and adjust that same number again? For some it seems inconceivable because they are held in bondage by what someone once said to them.
7.                    Not cluster booking- Packing your adjustment hour times before offering more times is how your time is maximized. It forces you to be at your best and cut out all the extracurricular things that don’t produce excellent patient outcomes. When it comes to appointments there are 3 types of people, those that show up early, those that show up on time and those that are always running late. Cluster booking smooths these inconsistencies out and keeps you from waiting for people to show up when you could be doing something more important than checking your Facebook feed.

Be honest with yourself, are any of the significant 7 preventing you from having the practice and life you always wanted? If not, keep doing what you are doing, kudos to you! If you want to learn more about how to fix these delemmas, join us at our next Chiropassion event, or contact us at

Own The Principle

The direct and piercing truth is, with all the gadgets, all the marketing, all the office procedures, hand outs, fancy offices, and all the management companies you join don’t have any true value if you don’t own the Principle of Chiropractic.

If the big idea has not resonated in the deepest part of your thoughts and fiber than you’re just going thru the motions and working your way thru till the weekend. The saddest part, are the lives unchanged or the babies lost to ignorance or fear as too many chiropractors carry the DC but never tell the story. What stops us is the fear of rejection, not being accepted, standing out in the cold among so few. Maybe it’s being laughed at or not handling the confrontation when being challenged. So we go to work and start off Monday morning with the idea to make a difference and by Thursday you are watching the clock as it inches it’s way thru the day until 6pm. Here is the hard truth, some will laugh, some will reject you, and some will tell you what you want to hear just to get a few adjustments. Some patient’s will get mad and yell and some patient’s will take advantage of you never to return. Fact is you will make mistakes at times and make some dumb decisions and probably make a fool of yourself more than once. Best part is, that’s is bad as it gets! What so many of you don’t realize is you’re just one conversation away from helping the mother with her child, or the old man with Parkinson’s, or the man with ulcerative colitis, or the baby who will die without your care. Do you even realize how many lives you are capable of saving with what you know how to do. It’s not that I’m never afraid or scared at times but it’s owning the principle that always gets me thru. A great teacher in college once told me that when a person calls a chiropractor for help they want something different. After 20 years of practice I can tell you he was correct.

Listen, your success as a chiropractor and the true success of the lives you touch will be measured by your ownership of the big idea!


There is chiropractic subluxation research to support improvement in heart rate variability, lowering blood pressure, improving immune function, brain and nerve efficiency and improved DNA repair!

Awesome and too many chiropractors and colleges want to limit what we do as back and neck pain treatment. Rule number one, you never treat anyone. You care for them now and for the rest of their life.  Rule number two, start telling every patient about the Harvey Lillard story so they can start to understand that something amazing and wonderful is happening to their nervous system when you adjust them each and every time.  Rule number three go out and buy a framed picture of DD Palmer, BJ Palmer, and Harvey Lillard and hang them up so patients start asking you who they are giving you just another opportunity to tell the story. Tell every patient the philosophy of chiropractic and wrap it in science with pictures of functional MRIs and DNA and blood pressure cuffs so their minds are nourished with the principle.

Like I said, they are all not going to get it but even after Columbus come home with proof of his voyage most people believed the earth to be flat. When challenged Columbus steered the fear of rejection and ridicule and imprisonment in the face and stood on truth regardless of the consequences. Remember, having courage doesn’t mean you’re not afraid, in fact it’s just the opposite, it means your plenty afraid but you still chose to act in spite of it! Chiropractic needs you to be courageous if we are ever to grow. We have been on the defense for so long, scared and constantly healing from all the battles foreign and domestic. Yet here we are! The hard work is behind us. You can open a practice anywhere in the country and hang up a sign and offer a life of service with out the fear of going to jail or having to march the streets of the state capitol to serve. Be honored for those that paid the price for all of us, draw strength from their courage and know what you do everyday makes a difference.


- Dr Joe Borio

Don't Waste This

Don’t Waste This!

I first heard these words spoken by my father and then teachers, football coaches, lacrosse coaches and for sure my boxing trainers, but these words never had an emotional meaning to me. That all changed when I rented the movie “Saving Private Ryan”. It was as if a movie reel of my life passed in front of my eyes playing a youtube video of every time I was told these powerful life changing words. I got it for the first time in my life. I was motionless as I watched Tom Hanks whisper his last words into the ear of Matt Damon. I had tears running down my face and was left feeling so many emotions. I felt lazy and wanted to do more as I reflected upon my life as I watched Matt Damon kneel in front of Tom Hanks tombstone and ask his family if he had lived up to these three simple, powerful words.  I was numb for a few days after watching the movie and watched the movie several times over the following week, playing Tom Hanks last moment in the movie over and over. “Don’t Waste This”.

I thought of my father, and every other person who spoke these words to me and knew for the first time the passion, concern and love they had for me when they shared them. How they all tried to make me understand how precious and short our time is on this earth.  

It inspired me to raise the bar for my life as a human being, father, husband, and chiropractor. Last year I was reading and searching some chiropractic history on the Internet and I ran across the stories of all the chiropractors that went to jail or worse paid the ultimate sacrifice for the advancement of this profession. I read BJ quotes on Facebook and more on the life and times of BJ Palmer. The books, the never ending sacrifice, the schools, the legal and political efforts, the incarcerations, the multiple failures and successes, and his quiet passing in Florida with little recognition or respect ever paid to his great and unforgettable life that is now burned deeply into the book of human history.

Later that day as I reflected upon all of the sacrifices of this great man, I began to imagine playing the entire movie as if it was a biography of the life of BJ Palmer and I was private Ryan kneeling down at his side as he whispered his last breath into my ear. Given his last moment of life, BJ would have chosen to spend it inspiring me to raise my own expectations for all the lives to save and have yet to live, ensuring they have the best chance of a full, whole, and healthy life.

BJ would have made sure I got it in that last moment, “Don’t Waste This.”

It’s a message he gave all of us knowing how precious time, life, and health is. Knowing we all run out of time and the clock is ticking, “Don’t Waste This!”

I got it like a lightening bolt from heaven itself sent down just for me. To some I may seem over the top, or just an emotional BJ worshiper, or another old fashion innate chiropractor cultist and reading this myself 15 years ago I may have thought the same thing.

Its like seeing the hand of nature herself, the connectedness of it all, knowing there are no accidents as BJ Palmer himself whispers in my ear, “Don’t Waste This”.

As you prepare to speak, adjust, or explain chiropractic to a patient for the first time, know you are not alone; you just need to turn your head slightly to the right and listen to the voice of BJ Palmer whisper,

                           “Don’t Waste This”.

If you are really quiet you might hear him now.

“Don’t Waste This” 

- Dr Joe Borio

Why Do You Go To Work?

It’s early morning and you lie awake looking at the alarm clock deciding if you are ready to hit the shower.  If there was any doubt you are ready to start your day, the initial, startling cold spray of the shower hits now assuring you there is no turning back. A light breakfast, coffee maybe tea, and the drive in to the office are your normal day in. You turn on the lights, some music and then sit at your desk and begin your day of paperwork, files, x-rays, and checking the schedule.  For most of us this is how the workday begins but it is at this moment, this pivotal passing of the hour your purpose is defined. So I ask you again; why do you go to work? Knowing the correct answer to this question can change your life, but more importantly the correct answer will change the lives of all you care for. Too much of what you do gets lost in the day to day. 
You get frustrated and burned out or tired and sluggish. You start watching the clock hoping for the day to pass only to forget what day it is while you are wishing for the weekend and at the same time complaining of the lack of patient’s and volume of your practice.  So why do you go to work? Why do you put your hands on a patient? Why do you put pressure on their spine? Why do you schedule another visit? Why do you take an x-ray? You see we all start the day in a similar fashion. Sure some of you may have some different habits but essentially we all have to get up and put our pants on. Why is it then some of us struggle to see anyone and pay the bills and others of us are amazed at the line waiting to be seen. The answer is in the why. Why do you go to work? I remember hearing from some of the greats like Reggie Gold, Jim Sigafuse, Guy Reikmen, Ian Grossman, and so many other great chiropractors and teachers telling us the only thing right about the profession is the principle of chiropractic. About getting out of your own way. About telling the story. For some of us it will take longer to figure it out and unfortunately for some of us there will be no figuring it out. They become lost soles on the battle field resembling an old black and white photograph of a world war II solder lying in the mud of a trench holding a picture or a letter of his purpose for life or his inspiration to endure the battle.
This week I was told an old friend who I graduated Chiropractic College who struggled in practice for years closed his doors, quit his practice, lost hope of his dream. Can you imagine what he does now? Mike works in pharmaceutical sales. At first its like knowing a traitor, then as the dust settled I think of the solder lying dead in the mud, stripped of all his dreams, his hope, his passion. I know when Mike dreamed while lying in bed at chiropractic school, his dreams were not of working for Ely Lily, or Pfizer, or Merck. We spoke about practicing and being chiropractors and now he goes to work just to make a living with the unintended consequence of adding to the pharmaceutical death toll.  Why when we went to the same college, same education, graduated together does Mike lose all hope while I see hundreds of people a day.  I can tell you now, your true purpose as a chiropractor will begin when you find the principle and the practice of chiropractic is worth living for.
Can you imagine the excitement and energy in the morning air when BJ Palmer awoke?  To have the responsibility of building the profession, dealing with the politics, going to jail, building a school, practicing, teaching, studying, experimenting, and lecturing, while being a father and a husband. You can be sure he knew why he went to work everyday. Bj had a purpose and a responsibility bestowed upon him and I am thankful with all the people to chose from the universal intelligence chose BJ Palmer as the developer of the profession. If you want to have a large volume practice you must first learn to serve. You must get out of your own way and share the story of chiropractic. Tell them why you put your hands on them and why they need you to do this regularly throughout their lifetime. Why their children need to be adjusted. Tell them about the nervous system and interference. But the most important, most influential, most purposeful reason you go to work;  adjust, adjust, adjust!!!

Dr Joe Borio