Monday, January 22, 2018

Practice Chiropractic with Principle and we Change the World!

To all Chiropractors, You want chiropractic to be and stay chiropractic? Be the change you wish to see! Decide today to be the best, most disciplined principled, and well trained chiropractor the patient could ever hope for being adjusted by and the world will change for the better. You will inspire others to do the same and as we grow so to will the world's consciousness grow. We have to decide to stop tearing each other down! Those that don't practice principled are not our enemies, they are lost or scared, or have never been shown the beauty of innate. They have yet to open themselves up to the eternal and infinite and they like so much of the world are lost in the outside in paradigm. We all have the power to change the world but rather than trying to change others and destroy any sense of communication and respect among those we disagree with, let's instead focus on ourselves in becoming what we say we want to see. Let's reflect on Dr Reggie and his life and become inspired to be and do better and just as Reggie has changed the world and the infinite, our collective power in unity will have that much more of an impact towards a healthier planet for us all! Stop the name calling and categorizing of our fellow brothers and sisters and instead reach out a hand of hope and trust and friendship. Send them an article or a thousand articles on the power of the adjustment. Show them it's OK to be a principled chiropractor and the world will let a little more light in and on this individual selfless action of us all we change the world and the infinite and the universe will smile upon us!  
May your innate always flow from above down with 100 percent of the intelligence of the universe.                                        
     - Dr Joe Borio

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